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Fullbridge helps universities and colleges prepare students to succeed in the world of work. To transition from their education to their careers, students need to learn practical business skills and practice applying them. These skills and practice are not gained in traditional classroom experiences.

Fullbridge learning experiences help universities and colleges

  1. Challenge students to learn by doing
  2. Prepare students for real workplace experiences
  3. Give students an opportunity to practice professionalism

Did you know? 96% of U.S. educational institutions believe they prepare students for work, yet only 11% of U.S. business leaders say today’s college graduates are prepared for work.

The Biggest Challenges Today

Grads lack business skills needed to create value for their employers quickly.

27% of executives form an opinion about whether an entry-level employee will be successful in less than two weeks. 78% form an opinion in less than three months.

Grads need to differentiate themselves in a crowded market for the best jobs.

More than half of recent graduates surveyed in 2016 felt they were underemployed—a number that has climbed steadily.

Higher Ed Products

Fullbridge U

Fullbridge U is a 15-unit, semester long course on the key business and soft skills that prepare young people to excel in their work and career.

Career Spark Learning Labs

Career Spark labs are one or two week learning labs to provide students with an immersion in work life while attaining fundamental financial and teamwork skills.

Fullbridge Certificates

Fullbridge products can be combined into a business certificate program—a comprehensive, accelerated pathway for young people to excel in their careers.

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