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Fullbridge helps law firms become better trusted business advisers. Successful lawyers need more than knowledge of the law. Great lawyers identify and solve problems by engaging with clients and teams. This engagement requires a nuanced understanding of business, insights into negotiation, and design thinking to frame solutions.

Fullbridge learning experiences help law firms:

  1. Develop lawyers’ business knowledge
  2. Work more effectively in teams
  3. Refine lawyers’ negotiation skills

Did you know? Over 90% of practicing lawyers believe working cooperatively and collaboratively as part of a team is essential to their work, yet law schools are structured to prioritize individual achievement.

The Biggest Challenges Today

Increase new Associate value to clients

95% of hiring partners and associates surveyed believe recently graduated law students lacked key practical skills at the time of hiring.

Better engage teams to solve problems

Teams that demonstrate better teamwork processes and team commitment are about 20 to 25% more likely to succeed.

Hone communication and negotiation skills

More than 95% of all civil claims are concluded by negotiation, not litigation.

How Fullbridge Helps

Through our Lyra Learning Labs, new associates develop the business acumen, teamwork skills, and self-awareness needed to contribute at a high level from their first day on the job. Our learning labs for senior associates focus on developing the teamwork, managerial, and business development skills needed to lead.

Law Products

Law Readiness

Learning Labs for Summer Associates

These learning labs ready summer associates to contribute meaningfully from day one, focusing on the core business skills they need to ensure they are client ready.

Legal Edge

Learning Labs for Associates

These learning labs build associates’ business and financial acumen, preparing associates to succeed within the firm and ensuring they are client ready.

Partner Edge

Learning Labs for Rising Partners

These learning labs build the business, financial, and managerial skills rising partners need to excel in their new roles and lead by example.

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