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A smart tool to structure team ideas

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Idea Labs is as versatile as you are.

From brainstorming product marketing techniques to sharing suggestions for the next company offsite, Idea Labs creates a space for your group’s ideas to take flight through "crowdstorming," or crowd-sourced brainstorms.

With Idea Labs, you can...

Ideate with your team.

In this virtual playground, you can think innovatively with your team anytime, anywhere. Use Idea Labs to create experimental spaces to generate and evaluate ideas. Whether deciding where to go for the next company offsite or brainstorming product names, Idea Labs allows you to easily engage your team.

Listen to stakeholders.

Internal and external stakeholders are full of untapped insights about your business. Through Idea Labs, you can gather their feedback on anything from product improvements to employee onboarding programs. Seeing how your stakeholders identify and rate their own ideas helps you more effectively prioritize their feedback.

Make decisions.

Teams do their best work when everyone is aligned on a common vision. Through Idea Labs, you can create alignment around anything from breaking into a new market to implementing a corporate leadership program. When making key business decisions, Idea Labs helps you ensure your team is prepared to move forward together.

Run Idea Labs in 5 easy steps.

Engage your team with a prompt, open up the conversation, submit your ideas, vote on your favorites, and view results that yield the most supported ideas and give you a better understanding of your team.

Idea Labs

Don’t wait. Innovate.

Tap into the unique perspectives in your network by starting your own Idea Lab and creating an environment where your team can easily share and evaluate new ideas.

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