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Learning Labs

What is a learning lab?

Lyra Learning Labs are scenario-based, in-person, team learning experiences that develop agile individual contributors and team idea flow. With a focus on learning by doing, our labs are experiential, fast-paced, and designed to measure and improve the competencies linked to innovation and improved team performance.

Why does it work?

Learning labs recognize that there is no one right way to improve. They are designed to foster mindset shifts and lasting behavioral changes by focusing on the competencies that drive exploration, engagement, and idea flow. They present a problem-solving exercise, capture competency data, and deliver learning that matters to you.

Learning labs start with the principle that learning is driven by doing.

Labs for Each Career Stage

Learning labs are designed to serve a ladder of opportunity, progressing participants through layers of sophistication in terms of business knowledge and problem-solving scenarios. Lyra is learning that is scalable throughout an organization. Our core products work with professionals at four pivotal stages:

Career Stage

Competencies that Drive Innovation

Learning labs assess and develop professionals in 12 competency classes that cover 48 defined competencies and over 100 measurable factors. These competencies, defined by behavioral psychologists and business leaders, are linked to individual agility, idea flow, and organizational innovation.


The Experience


We put people into Lyra Learning Scenarios where they perform problem-solving challenges.


We capture data with four assessment types to measure growth in 42 distinct innovation competencies.


Our Lyra technology analyzes individual and team data to create personalized SkillsPrints.


Using project-based work and frequent deliverables, learning labs take training out of the classroom.


Lyra technology provides recommendations and supports follow-up working labs to enable practice.


Working labs create lasting behavioral changes through practice for integration and habit creation.

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