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A smart tool to problem-solve at work

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Take a scientific approach to your challenges.

Is your company having employee retention issues? Is your team failing to meet deadlines? Is your sales pipeline drying up? Working Labs, available early 2018, are open workshop environments where you can gather a team to address issues head-on across teams, time-zones, and continents.

You can use Working Labs to replace meetings and collaborate remotely so you and your team can more effectively problem-solve, both in your office and on the go.

Replace meetings

Many meetings miss the mark. They can be redundant, favor a few voices, and fail to yield actionable results.

Replacing meetings with Working Labs democratizes ideation and allows you to focus on the ideas that grab your attention––not the people. And at the end, you have documentation of the entire conversation and a prioritized list of recommendations to guide you moving forward.

Collaborate remotely

Collaborating across teams and time zones can be challenging, leading to miscommunication and missed opportunities.

Working Labs allow you to erase intellectual and geographical barriers to innovation by empowering you to collaborate asynchronously. They provide open, experimental settings where you and your colleagues have the freedom to problem-solve on your own terms.

Run Working Labs in 4 simple steps.

Discuss the problem your team faces in an asynchronous Socratic discussion, curate your team’s ideas through tagging, rate your recommendations, and review your report.

After a Working Lab, you'll have...

Engaged Stakeholders

In Working Labs, you and your stakeholders innovate together––on your own terms. Activating others in innovation allows them to feel heard and valued, increasing their investment in the issues at hand.


Documented Progress

Working Lab reports capture the highlights of your conversation and show where you’ve been and where you’re headed. That way, you can keep track of your team’s conversation––wherever it goes.

Actionable Next Steps

With Working Labs, you’re always looking ahead. When you’ve completed a Working Lab, a detailed report based on your team’s analysis and suggestions will guide you to your next move.


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Working Labs is currently in a closed beta with a small group of innovative user testers. If you're interested in joining the closed beta, you can request an invitation below.

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