Working Labs

Practice drives performance.
Skills aren’t obtained; they are developed and practiced. Badges for short, one-off exercises are meaningless. Fullbridge Working Labs provide the learning that can consolidate skills and result in real impact.

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Working Labs

What is a working lab?

Lyra Working Labs are follow-on experiences to our Learning Labs that facilitate ongoing performance growth and the effective integration of learning into day-to-day work. Working labs include three key components: high-fidelity scenarios, learning that is applicable to your organization’s highest priorities, and data that informs and captures progress on lasting behavioral changes.

Why does it work?

Whether in the Navy Seals or the corporate world, studies show that human competencies are not simply attained, but are the result of work and ongoing practice. Fullbridge understands this and has worked with scientists and designers to create working labs, a product that addresses the factors that drive real impact and results by integrating learning with on-the-job practice.

Studies show that skills developed in learning exercises begin to degrade the next day.

Did you know? A Saks & Belcourt study showed that 40% of employees failed to implement skills upon return to work. That number grew to 56% after six months and 66% after a year.

Did you know? An Army Research Institute (ARI) study showed that only 53% of military airmen retain proficiency in a skill after 18 to 24 months without the opportunity to practice.

Working labs are…


Working labs bring learning to employees with exercises relevant to their day-to-day roles, making it easier to apply as regular practice.


Lyra technology powers our working labs, providing exercises that are interactive and relevant to real work problems.

Focused on Practice

Working labs recognize that new capabilities and competencies are developed with practice, not acquired with a video and a badge.


Lyra enables rich, multi-source data capture that creates SkillsPrints, informs learning, and measures progress.


Working labs are adapted so all employees get practice relevant to their development needs and goals that is fun, relevant, and integrated.

A Partnership in Learning

Working labs are designed as partnerships in learning between Fullbridge and organizations committed to developing their employees and learning culture. The best results are achieved when Lyra Learning Labs are supported with long-term Working Labs to enable follow-up exercises and relevant opportunities for employees to apply new skills and methodologies to their actual work problems. Lyra integrates learning with work to help participants have the impact that drives daily innovation and problem-solving in their worlds.

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