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Fullbridge helps corporations increase daily innovation and problem solving to drive everything from product development to sales. People today have more access to information and knowledge than ever before yet they often lack the capacity to find and focus on the right ideas.

Fullbridge learning experiences help corporations:

  1. Generate a learning culture
  2. Work more effectively in teams
  3. Engage in solving the problems that matter

Did you know? Support for innovation (e.g., being open to change, valuing new ideas), vision, task orientation, and external communication displayed the strongest relationships with creativity and innovation in teams (Hulsheger et al., 2009).

The Biggest Challenges Today

Constant Change

While it took 50 years for the telephone to reach approximately 75 million American homes, and 38 years for the radio to reach 38 million listeners, it took only 5 years for Facebook to reach 600 million people.

Employee Engagement

21% of millennials say they’ve changed jobs within the past year, which is more than three times the number of non-millennials who report the same. What does this turnover cost us? About $30.5 billion annually.

Inconsistent Teamwork

A pattern of oscillating between exploration and engagement accounts for more than half of the difference in creative output for research groups. In one lab it distinguished high performing teams with almost 90% accuracy.

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